professional services

esMobile esMobile is a specialist company for mobile application so we offer a better service than other software company.

esMobile offers mobile applications development, our company has experience for this kind of development.

Their Apps in all the devices Support in all the levels

Our company offers support and development in the actual platforms:

We offer you support in all the levels of your application:

- APP development
- Monitoring and analysis
- Promotion and advertising
- Operation commercial

EsMobile is in the actuality Effective methodology working

The innovation is very important for us, so to be in the actuallity is essential for us.

Our company use different ways to ensure the quality and efficacy in the projects:

- Software engineering
- Agile development
- Software architeture
- Subversion

Actuality in mobile market

Actual distribution of the mobile market in the 2nd semester of 2011 is:

  • Android # 43% (35 %)
  • Symbian OS # 22% (31 %)
  • iOS # 18% (16 %)
  • BlackBerry OS # 12% (15 %)
  • Windows Phone # 2 % (3 %)

    Actual datas (End of 2010)

In this graph you can see that it exists a increase in the Android and iOS devices, knowing that windows phone and blackberry are the last in to be launched, it looks important to offer support for at least the platforms of the graph

EsMobile offers you advanced programming in the platforms which text is bold and it offers support of development in the two others, so our company is going to advance in the technologies which text is bold.