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Welcome to our platform of geolocation, here you can control all the information, statistics and maps of geolocation.

esMobile offer several applications for geolocation in Android. Every application offer a concrete service, although you can use it for all that you can imagine.

Access to the service

To log in your tracking information, you must register in esMobile, to do it press here and then register your device

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Tracking. Observe the routes of all your vehicles or employments, you can know the rest time realized, the velocity, the routes realized...

Devices: Download application

Free service
: Know the geolocation of all your devices in real time.

Premium service
: Statistics of geolocation in real time, records of routes, fixes, velocity, statistics of usage ... (5€/month)

Features of the service

- Watch all the fixes of all the devices in real time (trucks, vehicles, cyclists, runners ...)

- Know the velocity of all the vehicles in its routes

- Statistics of every accomplished route per vehicle and day

- Calendar of routes

- Display of routes

- Checkpoints, velocity..

We offer solutions in the following areas

- Taxis, Services of location for taxis
- Messaging, Geolocation of the packages
- Goods, Geolocation of the lorries.
- Transport, Geolocation of buses, trains and/or airplanes
- Driving School, Geolocation of practices cars
- Competition, Geolocation of participants in competitions of automotive, cycling, athletics...
- Rent of cars,Geolocation of rented cars