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Methodology of work

How we work?

We use techniques and methodologies in our software projects and the management of quality. With this method we perform projects with high probability of success and without errors.

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Dynamic of work

0. Contact with us: It's the previous step that the client must do to contact with us and tell us his ideas, plans or needs. It's important to define the idea and send a analysis with the requeriments or funcionality about the application

1. Analysis of requeriments and interviews: We analize the requeriments that you software must accomplish and we perform interviews and meetings. Before this, we study the main features and the vocabulary to get to understand the interviews and meetings.

2. Planning and estimation of time and costs.

3. Design: We perform different kinds of diagrams to develop better software.

4. Coding: We do the software.

5. Tests: To test that all the order requeriments are accomplished in the software

6. Installation: Installation of the software in the company, delivery of documentation and explanation of its operation.

7. Maintenance: Improvements, errors correction, adaptation to new technologies...

(*) This steps are performed repeated times, coming back and changing, it depends of the state of the software development. With this way we get a usefull software.


Making the budget

The budget is performed with Gantt Diagrams. We will give you a scheme with the planning and the budget on we put the tasks to perform, the price of every task and the total price.

In the budget we will indicate the price per hour and in every task we will write the number of hour and the price, also we will put the total price of all the tasks.

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Test lets to verify the quality, identify fails and the usability of the software. We do all the types of tests in software: Unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, acceptance testing, etc.


When the software is developed we enter in maintenance phase. In this phase the software can improve the features with likes of the client, we correct the fails and adapt for another technologies

We will do a budget with the improvements, extensions or adaptions for others technologies that you want

In addition, we have a versions control to adapt, correct or improve the versions, it lets to go back to previous verions, write improvements, save security copies, etc.


We evaluate the quality about aspects as the satisfaction of the user, funcionality, reliability, portability, scalability, Evaluamos la calidad en aspectos como la satisfacción del usuario, la funcionalidad, confiabilidad, portabilidad, escalabilidad, maintainability and efficiency.